What are the Kidneys?

They are twin organs that perform vital life maintaining functions in our bodies.

Where are they situated?

Most people have two kidneys, each about the size of a fist, the shape of a bean, positioned in the back of the body behind the lower ribs; one on either side of the spine.
With one kidney, you can live a fulfilled life. Do not be afraid to donate a kidney to a loved one if required.
Functions of the kidney

Acts as a filter system, retains essential compounds, excretes others.

Gets rid of waste products

Balances the body’s fluid content Produces hormones that control the blood pressure (Renin)

Produces hormones Erythropoetin or EPO to help make red blood cells.

Activates Vitamin D to maintain healthy bones.

What is kidney failure

Kidney failure occurs when the kidney can no longer perform all the above functions. Waste products accumulate in the blood, fluid accumulates and if untreated, death occurs.
In kidney failure, dialysis or a kidney transplant are required to maintain life. Dialysis flushes out the waste products and maintains fluid balance Kidney transplant puts back a functioning kidney into the body to continue with the above functions.